Sunday 25 Jan 2015

BBC School Report


Welcome to Northfield Academy's website for BBC School Report 2014 on 27 March! 


I've just joined!

I have joined BBC School Report because I thought it sounded and looked pretty interesting on the posters in Miss Smith's room. Keep checking every week on Northfield Academy's home page for updates on the school.

Aberdeen FC Press Conference

On 27 March 2014, as part of BBC School Report, our reporters held a press conference with Aberdeen FC players Peter Pawlett and Cammy Smith.


Our team on BBC Radio Wales

As part of BBC School Report, Rachel and Caitlin were interviewed by School Reporters from Bryntirion Comprehensive School in Bridgend, Wales about their thoughts about how the Scottish Independence debate compares to similar discussions in Wales.


This link to the Jason Mohammad show contains the interview - it starts at about the 21 minute mark.

The end of BBC School Report

It's 4pm, we've been working since 8 and we have brought you the news for the day.


We would like to thank Fiona Stalker from BBC Scotland for all her assistance, including getting us an exclusive interview with Aberdeen FC's Peter Pawlett and Cammy Smith.



This is Northfield Academy School Report team, signing off...


Peter Pawlett Baby!


Today we went to Aberdeen’s football stadium, Pittodrie. This is where we interviewed Peter Pawlett and Cammy Smith. Peter Pawlett said he was ‘overwhelmed’ by the amount of downloads of ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’ by Human League. He revealed to us that all the boys on the team have downloaded the track and play it in the changing rooms! Peter said “My twitter has been non-stop the last week or so, it’s been really busy but it’s been good. It’s nice it’ll be making a bit of money. I just hope I get a share of the money! (laughter)”

The proceeds will go to a brain tumour charity. A campaign by fans helped to send the 80’s hit to No.19 in the UK singles chart.   

We asked the pair a few questions, first of all we broke the ice with this:

  1. What did you have for breakfast?

Cammy: I had porridge this morning, this helps us when we’re training

Peter: I also had porridge, we get offered porridge, toast and stuff like that.

  1. How does it feel to have won the cup and do you think that there will be more cups on the cards?

C: It feels great to have won and last Sunday at the parade was amazing. It was great to see people hanging out of windows and on top of bus stops!

P: Yes it does, because we haven’t won a cup in quite a while and just winning this one makes us want to try and achieve to win more.

  1. How confident are you going into the next games you’re going to play and do you think this will help you bring more cups back to Aberdeen?

C: We will be confident going into any games from now on, like we always have.

P: We have always had confidence in ourselves and this just shows people that we can win a cup and hopefully there will be more to come!

  1. How does it feel putting Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me Baby’ back into the charts and have you downloaded the song?

P: My twitter has been non-stop the last week or so, it’s been really busy but it’s been good. It’s nice it’ll be making a bit of money. I just hope I get a share of the money! (laughter)

C: Yeah, the whole team has downloaded the song and play it in the changing rooms.

  1. What did it feel like to travel to Glasgow with 40,000 fans and did the fans help you win the game?

P: When we left the hotel we only saw a couple of fans, but as soon as you got closer to the stadium you saw thousands of people which gave us quite a shock.

C: It was quite a shock because whatever game we play in the fans always help and supports us and that’s what helps us through to the end of the matches.

  1. How important is it that the club gets back into Europe?

P: It is important because we want to have one of those games under the floodlights with one of those big teams that would mean a lot more to come!

We felt really privileged to be among the first journalists to have access to Peter Pawlett and Cammy Smith, and we would like to thank Aberdeen Football Club for letting us have this fantastic experience.